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Datalogic Consulting Services is a Canadian company based in Nelson, British Columbia. Datalogic was founded in January 2005. Datalogic is a provider of services related to intelligent systems software maintenance and enhancements. We are a computer consulting company specialized in data aquisition, analysis and modulation/simulation as well as artificial intelligence and signal/image processing. Through work in industries such as biotechnology, semiconductor reverse engineering, network management and nuclear physics we are building up a unique knowledge base that will be useful in many other industries. Our services are already being used by several companies, including:

  • D-PACE

  • "Marlies Roeder of Datalogic has been a technical lifesaver for my company several times already. She has been able to get ion source, particle accelerator, and 3D magnetic/electric modeling software up and running in a few hours. Even though these codes were new to her, she was able to begin modeling real world problems within a few days, and within a few weeks she had produced results that we used to publish a technical paper in a NIMB physics journal. I feel very lucky to have someone as talented and capable as Marlies in our community to help our company solve complicated and difficult computer modeling problems."
    Morgan Dehnel Ph.D., P.Eng.
    Dehnel - Particle Accelerator Components & Engineering, Inc. (D-Pace)

  • Bridle & Associates


Datalogic's mission is to complement and enhance your business in the field of research and in the development of intelligent systems. Our tailor-made solutions can be applied to your specific needs whenever and wherever you require them!